Staying Safe When You Have to Meet – Our Commitment During COVID-19

It might seem like a scary time right now but with some common sense steps you can help keep your employees safe. CDC guidelines, including ‘work from home’, air travel restrictions, and cancellation of large events, should be followed and can be found here.

But what about the leaders of your organization, the C-suite executives facing declining revenue, rising costs, and critical business issues that must be addressed?  So, if your senior leaders must meet during the coronavirus pandemic here are some things to consider.

The meeting location is probably the most important factor.  You should look for a venue which can be reached by car.  Likewise, is the venue located in a metropolitan area where your execs will come in close contact with the general public? You should seriously consider an isolated venue which features spacious, well ventilated spaces.  Ideally, you also want a venue where strangers and service providers are not cycling in and out, which makes proper sanitization, food preparation and social distancing procedures harder to achieve.

Chalk Ranch is a luxury retreat venue uniquely positioned to assist with executive meetings during the coronavirus outbreak. Located within a 45-mile radius of most Bay Area urban areas, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Ranch is in a sparsely populated area.  We host only one client at a time and the entire lodge is thoroughly sanitized before each client visit. The Ranch’s location, fresh country air, and large open spaces can help minimize the risk of infection while facilitating highly productive meetings.

Photo caption: Chalk Ranch, at the base of Chalk Mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean, offers a safe luxury executive retreat experience serving the leaders of corporate, educational and non profit organizations.

If you are looking for a secluded, private venue in which to meaningfully engage with others, the Ranch offers an unparalleled opportunity to reach that goal. Chalk Ranch Executive & Corporate Retreats is an experience you won’t soon forget.  Come visit us soon!


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