Ranch Policies

Please note that a rental/license agreement will need to be signed at the time of booking confirmation. We hate rules, but the things noted below are really important to us.  Please read them and be respectful of our needs so we can be great hosts for you.


  • Smoking is not permitted in the house, on the deck, or outside the drive perimeter.

  • We are located in a forested area so campfires, fireworks, or open flames are not permitted.  We may be able to accommodate these needs, but it must be requested in advance and will be subject to our sole determination of safety and availability of mitigating measures.

  • Pets or other animals are not permitted in the house or on the property.

  • Since we are serving corporations and other institutions, children are not permitted unless otherwise agreed.

  • Weapons of any kind and illegal activities are not permitted on the property.

  • Other than the clients and activities confirmed with the booking, other people or events are not permitted on the property (e.g.: to socialize, attend parties, celebrations, events, weddings, etc.) unless agreed otherwise at time of booking.

  • Unless we agree otherwise at time of booking, check-in time after 4:00 p.m. and check-out time is 11:00 a.m.  Let us know if these times are inconvenient and we will try to accommodate your needs, subject to other departing or arriving guests.

  • Unless we agree otherwise at time of booking, amplified music outdoors, other than the home’s exterior music system, is not permitted.

  • The lodge features hardwood floors, as well as marble bath floors, which can be easily damaged by tracking in dirt and gravel, or high heels.  We ask that you help us protect the floors by removing shoes, wiping feet at the entry mats, and avoiding high heels or scraping furniture across the floors.

  • The Ranch is surrounded by neighboring ranches and farms.  No booking will be accepted if it creates a situation, which can not be mitigated, impacting traffic flow, parking, or inconvenience to surrounding properties. We ask that you NOT cross by foot neighboring properties without permission.

  • We require that the responsible party carry insurance with the Ranch named as an additional insured, as well as other standard clauses.  If needed we can help you obtain this coverage on a one event basis and at a modest cost.

  • The Ranch is on a septic system which can fail if clogged with foreign articles, so please be careful with what you dispose of in the lavatory.



Thanks for your cooperation!


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